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Trekking ski socks

Trekking ski socks Trekking ski socks
Trekking ski socks
Trekking ski socks
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Trekking socks from the manufacturer KROK are intended for running, fitness, cycling. We recommend these socks to men, women, teenagers who prefer an active lifestyle.

Features of socks:

- compression effect of socks improves blood circulation in the legs and increases muscle endurance and prevents swelling of the extremities;

- special raw material composition promotes rapid drainage of moisture, leaving the feet dry;

- ventilation zones promote effective thermoregulation;

- additional elastic fixation on the foot keeps the sock in the correct position;

- the strengthened protection against rubbing of fingers and heels will allow to avoid troubles;

- increased comfort with prolonged active movement will reduce fatigue;

- wear-resistant yarn of premium quality for modern sports equipment;

- do not create an unpleasant odor and skin irritation.