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Outsole materialthermo elastoplast

Сasual shoes

Leather sneakers

Retail 1415 грн.
Sizes 40; 42; 43;

Classic boots for men

Retail 1700 грн.
Sizes 43;

Shoes for men 1-3469

Retail 2060 грн.
Sizes 40; 42;

Men's nubuck boots

Retail 2050 грн.
Sizes 40; 45;

Men's leather boots

Retail 2060 грн.
Sizes 40; 42;

Practicality, good quality, external gloss, and wearing comfort - high-quality winter shoes must meet precisely these criteria. The task of a winter pair is primarily to protect against the cold, so the upper of the shoe must be made of durable materials. There is nothing better than genuine leather, it is both strength and external beauty.

The Krok factory offers shoes made of flotar dressed leather for winter snowy slush or nubuck, ideal for dry and cold weather.

Why it is profitable and right to buy men's shoes Krok of Ukrainian production :

The catalog of the factory includes models with natural insulation. There is no better protection against the cold than wool, a dense layer of natural wool provides ideal protection against extreme cold temperatures.

Winter men's shoes from Ukrainian manufacturers are quality combined with thoughtful cut and design. Reliability backed by practicality, durability and convenience.