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The "UIC KROK" trademark is the production of footwear, clothing, equipment, and accessories.

The "UIC KROK" trademark was founded in the last century, namely in 1928 in Zhytomyr.

During the whole period, the company went through several stages of reorganization from the production of home shoes to the production of trekking shoes, special shoes, model and work shoes, opened a production of tailoring and production of socks. {{ 1}}
During its work the company took part in various exhibitions, was awarded many prizes. So in 1996 in Madrid (Spain) the KROK trademark, which later became the UIC KROK, was awarded the XXI International Award for the Best Trade Name - 1996. Cooperation with the largest manufacturers such as the Spanish companies "Condor" and "Filanto", "Romika" (Germany), "KTO" (Czech Republic) and respected domestic, foreign buyers from law enforcement agencies have created a reputation for our association as a reliable partner in the field of production. .

All products are manufactured in our own factories, our companies are equipped with modern high-tech equipment that helps to produce quality products for customers. We do our best to improve the products that our companies produce and sell. It is certified according to international standards. Our customers can be sure that all products are produced responsibly and with quality. The company is responsible for the safety of production. All products are independently tested for compliance with international standards.Certificates and declarations of conformity can be downloaded from

KROK supports ISO 9001 for quality management systems and ISO 14001 environmental management systems.

Our The expert team consists of leading technical designers and product designers. This team combines the latest research in the field of materials and design to consumer requirements and constantly improves products for our customers. Also, we are social networks, you can follow the link that is on the main page of the site in the upper right corner.

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