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Winter trekking socks SW 1/1

Retail 140 грн.
Sizes 23-25; 25-27; 27-29;

Winter trekking socks AFU SW 1/1

Retail 140 грн.
Sizes 23-25; 25-27; 27-31;

Summer trekking socks AFU SS 1/1

Retail 140 грн.
Sizes 23-25; 25-27; 27-31;

Trekking socks differ from ordinary terry or cotton ones in a whole range of different characteristics and properties, thanks to which an experienced hiker, athlete or outdoor enthusiast would prefer to take just such a pair of socks with him.

Socks for trekking boots compare favorably with quality, durability and abrasion resistance. The manufacturer pays special attention to the fingers and heel - the most dense and durable threads are used for these areas. Today, such socks are used not only by professional athletes and climbers. Skiing enthusiasts highly appreciate comfortable and high-quality socks for skiers - during intensive training and descents, they do not rub their feet, do not create discomfort. Trekking ski socks are suitable for any shoes - for boots, sneakers or high winter boots, so hunters, fishermen, and those involved in sports tourism are happy to wear them.

Characteristics by which you can identify a high-end, high-quality pair of socks:

Buying trekking socks in Ukraine at the Croc store means purchasing a high-quality clothing accessory at a bargain price that is necessary for spending time outdoors in winter/autumn. Inexpensive, a large selection of models, colors and sizes - warm socks are offered for trekking, skiing, tourism, professional and amateur sports. Our store sells clothes and accessories of high quality, time-tested.