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Parade dedicated to the Independence Day of Ukraine: development of a new model of footwear for women servicemen of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

July 1, 2021 The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine has published photos from the rehearsal of the holiday parade dedicated to the Independence Day of Ukraine. On them women-soldiers were in high-heeled shoes, during preparation for parade there was a situation, concerning inconvenience of participation of cadets in parade, in high-heeled footwear.

We personally communicated with female servicemen about the wishes, which should be uniform shoes. Based on the survey, we began to develop new models of shoes. By joining our leading specialists, some of them were even on vacation, but sincerely responded to the help and working hard, even on weekends, we made every effort to create a new model of shoes. Several samples were tested, after which the best sample of shoes was chosen, taking into account all the wishes, namely, the shoes will have soft leather, the sole is not thin, the shoes will be light and with low heels with laces. This sample was submitted for testing to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. After testing the shoes, we met with the cadets to discuss the comfort of shoes, seeing their satisfied faces and talking to them, we realized that in these shoes, military women will feel as comfortable as possible!

Special thanks to our leading specialists and partners for their help and cooperation in the development of this model of shoes!


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