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Army flask

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The army flask has an anatomic form thanks to what is convenient at carrying on a belt, is made of food aluminum and is intended for carrying and storage of any liquids. It should be noted that food aluminum has excellent thermal conductivity, so the liquid in it can be very easily cooled in the nearest pond or stream or, conversely, heat it in the sun.
By wetting the cover with water on a hot day, you can achieve significant cooling of the liquid inside the flask as water evaporates from the fabric of the cover and cools the case. The flask can also be used to boil liquid over a fire. The stopper from the flask is attached to the chain, so the lid is harder to lose, and the inside of the screw cover is covered with a layer of rubber seal, which ensures the safety of the contents of the flask in all conditions.
Convenient in shape and light in weight.
Volume: 0.8 liters