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The sapper is small

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The shovel was small infantry, which does not fold. The total length is about 53 cm, and the dimensions of the scoop part are 15x19 cm.
The tray of the infantry shovel is connected to the handle by 2 self-tapping screws (nails). Steel blade, painted black. Wooden handle. The set includes a tarpaulin belt cover with fastening on a belt. Material - wood + ferrous metal. Suspended on a belt on the belt on the right side with the handle down.

Can be used:
- for the implementation of the trench by a soldier, overcoming various obstacles on the battlefield;
-as weapons (the right and left sides of the shovel tray were sharpened so that it was possible not only to cause physical damage to the enemy, but also to help with chopping firewood);
-for cooking (steel tray, if necessary, will serve as a pan)
The advantages of the shovel are lightness, oversize, simplicity and reliability in use.